Last updated: September, 2017

The Square in Repton was the start of most of our lives. Auntie Kessie lived next door and Uncle Bill and Dorothy & Edith across the road. Next to the house was the Builders Yard - Sanders & Son - and, beyond that, Goodall's Garage car store followed by Mr. Coates the Barber and Beeston's Butchers. Further up the High Street towards the school was Auntie Kath & Uncle Arthur Stimpson's house next to Goodall's Garage above which Mum had rented a flat when she first arrived in Repton. Beyond that was Harrison's Butchers and Dr Hodgson's house with Taylor's Groceries on the other side.

Looking the other way, Mrs. Pearson's sweet shop with its penny chewing gum machine outside on the wall was taken over by Grandad Coghlan for his antique sales. The Presbyterian chapel on the corner of Main Street and Pinfold Lane was the focus of Sanders family social activity at the turn of the 19th into the 20th Century and Uncle Bill and Dorothy & Edith continued to feature there throughout our childhood.

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